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    Smarter Energy Usage!
    our energy efficiency services reduce your heating bills
  • Insulation means
    Lower Bills
    Benefits of Insulation
    In the average home, up to 75% of heat is lost
    through the walls, roof & floor.

    With proper cavity wall & loft insulation
    you can substantially reduce your heating bills.
  • Expert Installation
    Professional Team
    Accredited Installers
    Logical Insulation Solutions Ltd are accredited energy
    efficiency experts. Our installation methods and
    accreditations by industry leading schemes ensures
    that our customers receive the best possible
    professional advice and service.
  • Innovative Solutions
    Quality Assured
    Industry Leading Products
    We only use industry leading solutions and products that
    either meet or exceed all relevant industry standards!
  • Accredited Installer Of:
    Benefits of Using Warmcell
    Lofts, floors, roofs, walls; your construction project will benefit all
    over when you specify WARMCEL insulation. Offering unbeatable
    U-values, WARMCEL is manufactured from 100% recycled
    newspaper and sequester scarbon which would otherwise
    be released as methane at landfill.
  • Accredited Installer Of:
    About RetroFoam™
    RetroFoam™ is an industry leading, next generation
    spray foam insulation product that is ideal for both
    timber frame & block / cavity constructed walls.
Logical Insulations are a Specialist Insulation Installer servicing the whole of mainland Scotland providing services to both domestic & commercial clients.

About Logical Insulation Solutions Ltd

Scottish Insulation Grants Logical Insulation Solutions Ltd are a well established company offering professional insulation and energy efficiency services to both domestic and commercial customers throughout mainland Scotland.

Insulating your home or business is one of the quickest and easiest methods to reduce heat loss and lower your heating bills.

Logical Insulation Solutions offer a range of innovative solutions which, depending on your circumstances, could be heavily discounted or even FREE by utilising one of the many grants that are available.

If there is anything you are unsure about or any questions you need answered - please feel free to contact us by email, contact form or simply give us a ring and speak to one of our energy efficiency experts.

Green Deal - saving you money

The Green Deal is a government initiative designed to offer households and businesses the opportunity to undertake a wide range of energy efficiency property upgrades at no upfront cost.

This is achieved by paying for the work through a modest levy on your energy bills that will not exceed the savings that result from the improvements.

Cut Your Bill

Energy 'In' Measures

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Thermal
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps>
  • Biomass Boilers
Green Deal Insulation

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Warmcel insulation
"Better Than Carbon Zero" Insulation

WARMCEL is manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper, sequestering carbon which would otherwise be released as methane at landfill. This 'Better than Zero Carbon' status makes it ideal for those targeting Code for Sustainable Homes, and combined with its low material cost, ease of installation and other benefits (fire resistance, acoustic insulation, complete void fill) creates the best value, best choice, green loft and fibre insulation on the market.

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