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Warmcel Insulation

The Warmcel range of high performance offers a total solution for the provision of effective insulation in Housing, Commercial Premises and Public Buildings

Ideal for the domestic or commercial market alike, the Warmcel range of products is the solution for companies or individuals looking at reducting their carbon footprint, Logical Insulation Solutions Ltd are an approved Warmcel installer.

Installed in over one million homes within the EU, Warmcel has established its credentials with housebuilders, architects and local authorities over the last 20 years.


Thermal Performance

Combining the highest levels of thermal performance with enviable environmental credentials, Warmcel delivers the capability to downsize space heating requirements, maximise heat retention and provide a healthy living environment.

With an impressive thermal conductivity value (k) of only 0.036 W/mK in walls and 0.035 W/mK in lofts, Warmcel’s ‘in use’ performance is further enhanced by its ability to create a high level of airtightness to help seal a building against air infiltration and prevent thermal convection currents.

The proven methods of application ensure the insulation provides a complete seal to prevent heat loss, eliminating gaps, cracks or other cold bridges.

Fire Performance

As the photograph demonstrates, Warmcel is extremely resistant to fire. Its remarkable performance is achieved through the addition of simple inorganic salts, enabling it to comfortably meet the fire protection standards required for timber-frame construction and conventional lofts.

In an official fire test conducted by Chiltern International, on a loadbearing Breathing Wall panel, the fire resistance properties of Warmcel saw the panel exceed 71 minutes when exposed to temperatures of up to almost 1000ºC. Throughout the test the external face of the Breathing Wall panel remained at a cool 17ºC.


Manufactured from 100% recycled waste newspaper, Warmcel has extremely low embodied energy, requiring far less energy to produce than any other mainstream insulation material. Energy consumed in manufacturing equivalent quantities of common insulating materials.

  • Warmcel
  • Rockwool
  • Polystyrene
  • Glass Fibre
  • Polyurethane

Warmcel has zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). It does not contain any added formaldehyde and is free from CFCs, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other toxic substances. And by reducing heating demand, Warmcel also plays a major part in reducing household CO 2 emissions. When, eventually, Warmcel insulation is removed from a building, it can be recycled again or disposed of safely, without creating toxic waste or biodegradability problems.

Other Key Features

Sound Insulation
The sound absorption properties of Warmcel provide an effective solution to noise pollution, particularly important in applications where airborne sound can cause a problem for people living or working in adjacent rooms.
Warmcel is formulated to protect it against any potential hazards that may be encoun­tered in use. It is resistant to biological and fungal attack, treated against insects and is unattractive to vermin. Warmcel is also harmless to other common building components such as copper pipes, electric cabling and metal nail-plate fasteners.
Applications & Installation
Warmcel products have been developed for virtually every insulation requirement in a building.

Developed for Breathing Technology applications, Warmcel 500 combines high levels of insulation and airtightness with excellent breathability.

Warmcel 500 is the only insulation material with BBA and AVIS Technique approval for use in timber frame walls able to demonstrate a proven 20 year record of succesful installations. Warmcell is also approved for use by the Institute für Bautechnik in Germany and Boverket in Sweden - countries which have some of the most stringent testing requirements. Warmcel 500 is suitable for Breathing Walls, Roofs and Floors, timber frame walls and warm roofs.
Open Panel Walls
For Breathing Walls and timber frame walls, Warmcel 500 is damp spray applied to the wall, following the installation of the external sheathing and immediately prior to the installation of the internal lining board e.g. plasterboard.

Once sprayed, it is levelled off to the depth of the studs, ensuring the wall is completely filled, with no air pockets or voids, even around pipework, wiring or other obstructions. Moisture naturally dries out through the breathable sheathing within a few days.
Enclosed Cavities
For enclosed cavities, including sloping roof voids, Warmcel 500 is dry-injected under pressure to completely fill the void.

Specified for lofts, floors or other open horizontal surfaces. Warmcel 300 is dry-blown to provide a complete fill between and over joists, leaving no air gaps through which warm air can escape.
Quality Approvals
Warmcel has demonstrated its performance and environmental credentials to independent testing bodies throughout Europe. As such, it has received endorsements and accreditations from the most industry-respected authorities across the continent.

Warmcel is made to British Standard BS5803, part 3: 1985 under BS EN ISO 9003 1994 Scheme of Quality Assurance.

Excel is a BSI registered firm (Licence No. FM372), under which independent random checks are carried out by BSI Quality Assurance Services